Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Less is more

IThis year I am wanting to simplify my life. Get rid of the clutter that is blocking anything else from coming into my life.
 I had another post for today, but it was on  My heart to share this. I struggle with this a lot and on Sunday our pastor did a sermon in less is more. God knew I needed to hear this.

Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth. (1 Timothy 6:6 NLT)

I tend to compare my life to others a lot. Envy, wanting more. I have struggled with this for all my life and I cannot get passed it.  I am always asking God why I feel this way.  
I am learning though to pray and thank God for all the things I do have. Material items are just things. They can be taken away.
Our pastor gave us 5 guidelines to help us have contentment. 

1.understand that one day all the stuff will be gone.( 1 Timothy 6:7)

2. Learn to appreciate what I have.
(Phillipans 4:12)

3. Pay attention to what you are willing to do to get more money. 
(1st Timothy 6:9-10)

4. Put your help in God.
(1st. Timothy 6:17)

5. Freely share what you have with others. 
(1st Timothy 6:18-19)

The main point I got from this is 
Choose Christ over everything else.

Click Here is Liston to the  sermon . It's even better when you listen to it.

I have so many things to be thankful and have so much. Why do I need more? 

He also gave us a challenge. 

3x a day find something we are thankful for.  Write them down. At the end of the week review them and thank God for those things.

I am up for this challenge.
Who wants to do with it me?

I decided to give away something that is meaningful to  me and not replace it or buy something  in place of it . I have not picked that item yet, but I know I have something. 

How about you? Do you have something meaningful that you are willing to give away? It is just stuff.

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