Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Paper glass

I enjoy when I can find another way to use something after it breaks and I do not have I throw it away.

I have a this lantern and a peice of glass was broken.  I knew I really wanted to keep it.

I then had a moment. I decided I would put book pages behind the glass and just take the broken glass out.

Old book pages 
Hot glue gun
Old pages of a book

The next step is easy. I tore a page out of the book, placed it inside the lantern whet the glass is. 
The way I measured was by 2 notches that the glass fit in and poked 2 holes .
 I used the holes as my guideline I where to cut.
(Sorry, should have taken a picture of that )

The last step was to glue the page onto the frame. 

And that is it!

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