Thursday, January 22, 2015

Toddlers and writing

As As a preschool teacher I have had no problem thinking of creative ways to teach writing and name recognition or I did. I would always just whip something up and get to it, however It seems like the older I am getting and now teaching  3 and under, my brain is not working like vvI want it to. 
 Why am I struggling thinking of ideas?

   There is always that saying that kids always do things and act so much better for others and their caregivers. Yes!!! 
Maybe that is why I cannot get my 4 year old to write her name for me.... At all. Thank goodness for her attending preschool, but it is driving the teacher in me down the crazy road.

Of course I went swimming in the Pinterest  pool and found some great ideas. 

Hopefully these ideas will make the "learning" fun! 

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