Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chores for kids

I am a list maker and I like crossing the things I have done off. It feels like a sense of accomplishment.
 Since I am a list maker and because chores builds responsibility and independence for the growing child, I decided to make the kids chore charts( well not make them, but find them ha!)
The kids have always done chores, but they had nothing visual to look at and check off when they completed them.
Sorry about the blurry picture 

. What I like about it is the spaces are blank and I can change out the chores every week or just change out when I need to.

Somethings I have listed. 
•make bed
• feed cat, turtle, dog
• clean bathroom
•put your laundry away

 This little stinker loves to vacuum, just like her mama.

Since Kaelis cannot read yet, I thought a picture chart would be the best way for her. 

 I like how simple this is. She knew exactly what each picture meant. 

This has really kept all of us on track and by seeing what is check off, gives them a sense of success.

What is your system? Do your kids do chores.


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USS Crafty said...

I would love it if my daughter would make up her own bed instead of ripping off the comforter and top sheet after I make up her bed... lol