Monday, February 16, 2015


Distance from family can be hard. 
I have been long distance from my family for several years and I have adjusted.
 Some days I want to call my mom and have her come over or meet mom and dad for dinner. 
Distance keeps family away from sports events, family dinners, chats in person.
Distance keeps me away from seeing my nephew and soon to be nephew #2. 

Distance forces me to make friends. Distances forces me to adapt without family. 
Distance is good for those visits that happen once maybe twice a year and the excitement of the heart because you are about to see family.  
Distance teaches me to enjoy every moment when we are together because it will end sooner rather than later.

I have 2 sisters and distance keeps me from visiting them at anytime. 
Distance is less cousin time and papa and nana time.
This picture was a few years ago. Distance makes it hard to have updated pictures.

Some days it is harder than others, but distance makes you tough and teaches you to be strong.
Distance  is better with FaceTime. We at least pretend we are there in person.

Distance from my family has me thankful for such a great support group from friends . They are my family away from home .

I Prayerfully hope one day distance will not keep us apart, but until that day, I wi enjoy my family of 5 and live each day to its fullest.

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