Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Map coaster/Tutorial

I made these coasters for an adoption shower last month. You can read the post here . These are really easy and inexpensive. You may even have all the supplies in your house. 

Tile( you can get some really cheap at lowes or Home Depot)
Modge podge 
Foam brush 
Atlas. (I have misplaced my atlas book so I that is why it is not posted)
Since I lost my atlas book I will not have a picture of the next 2 steps, but should be easy to understand. 

I placed the tile on the paper/Map and traced around it for a more even shape. 
I used an exto knife to cut it out.

I used the modge podge on top of the map to keep it in place. 

That is it. These would make great gifts or just a great coaster for you .

If you wanted it a little more personal, find the city and or state that you live in or the person you are making it for lives in.

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