Tuesday, February 24, 2015


As warm weather is slowing creeping in I think about our neighborhood and our culdesac family. 
 Growing up in a not so child friendly neighborhood, I never knew  how much living in a good neighborhood can have such an impact.
 Our summers are filled with water slides, bounce houses, snow cones and bare feet running around and screams of joy to be heard. 

 There are 12 kids just in our culdesac alone. I love culdesacs. The only cars that come most of the time are the people living on the 

street. An occasional turnaround will occur, but with 12 kids all around that tends to slow things down.

Our neighbors are stores when we run out of something , our snow plows when we are not home to shovel, our entertainment when things are looking dull , a support system And a kitchen  when things happen unexpectedly.

Our kids will remember their summers and hanging with neighbors until the street light comes on. Making s'mores over a fire pit on a cool fall night . 

Sledding down our hill and building snowmen.

Our neighborhood has a pool and we are there everyday in the summer. Soaking up rays.

Piles of kids step onto the bus in August after the summer comes to an end.
I love our neighborhood and that is filled with noise and laughter. Would not a change a thing.

Whose ready for summer?

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Liz said...

I am definitely ready for spring, not summer, yet. I think culdesacs would be a lovely place to live.