Monday, February 23, 2015

Things I am loving

There are always a few things that I love. 
I truly love them. These are things I am not sure I cannot live without at this moment. 

Do you have those things? Ok, here they are.

1. Homemade trail mix

I am doing the whole30 diet.(no dairy, sugar, wheat, rice for 30 days) Let me tell you , it is a huge challenge for me, but I  am sticking with it.  I had a hard time finding the right kind of snacks. 
A friend told me about this trail mix and I am so glad she did. 

Mixed nuts, raisins and a sugar free protein bar. Yummy. It's the sweet and salty that does it.

2. Apples and almond butter

I love this snack as well.

3. Root makeup

Liz Quick from the thequickjourney introduced this makeup to her Instagram feed and I am so glad she did. I have searched for years for that right makeup that would not leave a greasy feeling or makeup that would still be on at the end of the day. I will never go back to any makeup that is not root. You can color match, have a variety of eyeshadows and so much more! Please check it out. You will not be sorry! Your face will thank you. 
It's also all natural. No chemicals. click  for the website. 

4. Converse shoes 
I do not have a pair of these yet, but I will soon! I am waiting for the warmer weather . I love these. 

5. Fleece lined leggings

I love leggings, but in the winter my legs get cold. I would always wear 2 pairs for a little more warmth. When I found fleece lined leggings , I fell in love. They are so soft and warm. I have 3 pairs. Yep. Cannot have to many. 

Well there is the top five for this month.

What are you liking right now? 

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