Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Unknowing motherhood

Before receiving the name mom, I thought I knew what being a mom was all about.  
Motherhood has a whole new meaning when you actually become a mom.
 There were several things I did not know until I became a mom. 
 Having your own  baby defines Motherhood.
We are keepers of objects and have a pile of emotions left on our shoulders. 

I had no idea the lack of sleep I would really got. Holding the new human being that I waited for 9 months to see, but crying Because all I wanted to do was to sleep. 
My eye balls heavy as I hold and nurse my baby and afraid if I fall asleep I will drop him. 

I had no idea that my heart would hurt so much when I hear them cry.

I had no idea how much my child would depend on me and give me the defaults on my status because I am mom. 
My child needed me all the time,but soon realized I needed them unconditionally as well.

I had no idea the phases with ages and the temper tantrums and the fits would happen so often. The dislikes of food, and the number of diaper changes that would take place.

I had no idea that I would love somebody  other than myself and more . 

I had no idea that medical things would happen and they would need treatment for a bit. 

 I had no idea that I would feel so exhausted every moment of the day and that I would be a homework helper and supporter and a hide and go seeker.

I had no idea about so many things,
But I do know that being the mother of these 3 is the best thing that I will ever know and I cannot do life without them.

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