Monday, March 30, 2015

DIY Easter surprise straws

I have so many of these cute paper straws and I never know what do with them. 
I knew that  Pinterest would give me idea. It always does right? 

These are perfect for Easter baskets. 

All you need is paper straws, I got mine from the dollar section of target for $3 a tub. Sticky washy tape in bold designs or colors. I used tins, but any container would work. 

I just put nerds and small jelly beans in them and then wrapped the tape around top and bottom.

So easy and so cute! I cannot wait to give these to the kids next weekend in their basket. 
I would love to hear what ideas you have with straws

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Shop dear Nicole giveaway

I love when I see something that is unique and customed made. I am all about supporting handmade shops.
Nicky jack is the proud owner of the shop 
She makes customized leather cuffs.
I adore leather cuffs and a person with a nickle allergy ,I can wear them without any breakouts.

  Nicky is giving away 1 customed cuff. 
You will love it! 
You can enter below. Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring wreath + tutorial

I have been waiting to hang a wreath in my front door because I could not find the one. I wanted one just simple and easy to make. 
 I saw a wreath posted on Instagram and it seemed like something I could do and like. 

     Grapevine wreath 
     Assortment of flowers 

  1+ I cut the stems off . Just the thick Long ones.

2 + I just started pushing the stems into the wreath. The good thing is it did not have to be perfect because it blended right in. 
I kept adjusting the flowers until it was a look I was happy with.

 3+ after theflowers were arranged, I attached the ribbon. 

 I tossled back and forth about adding a letter C to the other side. 

What do you think? Should I add a C.

This project was something I did during nap time. My kind of project.

Friday, March 20, 2015

My top 5 peices of clothing for spring

Since spring is so moody as far as temperature goes , I like to layer. It can be so cold in the morning, but then really warm by afternoon.
I have a few favorite peices that are a must in my wardrobe.

1+  chambry shirt . This shirt is so versatile. I can button it. Layer it with a tanktop or under a sweater or cardigan(another favorite of mine) and leave it open, Tuck it in. He best part is it will go with any color bottoms.  My favorite way to wear it is wih a pair of colored shorts. 

2+  I adore colored shorts. They just add a splash of color to any shirt or outfit. 

3+        Boyfriend jeans are the bomb. I love how they are baggy. I do not have to worry about how my bootie looks because it's baggy in the back. They feel so much better than regular jeans. I can wear them with short boots when it is cold. Flipflops or flats when it is warmer. I love everything about them.

4+  I wear tank tops almost under everything for 2 reasons, warmth in the cold months and length. I rarely tuck shirts in and the tank top  covers my belly  with other shirts and I like the layered look. I will tell you, that a lot of the girls/ women's  tank tops are just to fitted for me. The long ones are the perfect length, but just to tiny for me, so what department do I go to? The boys/ men's department. I usually get a small or extra small. The boys/men's are a looser fit and still have the length. Hanes are good ones. 
You can usually get 3 in a pack for cheap.


I added a bonus because I could not decide.
I love a good pair of canvas shoes or slip on shoes, now don't get me wrong, flip flops are a must, but my feet need a little more support. If I know I will be walking A lot, I will wear a more supportive shoe. I love converse shoes and go walk from sketchers. They are so comfortable. If you follow mix and match momma, she  will tell you how much she loves her go walks in hot pink. I like gray... They go with most things.
Well those are 5 of my favorite peices of clothing, but I have many more I cannot live without.

What are some of your favorites/must haves?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Proud mama

Kendric and Cadence had there spring concert last night. It just melts a momma's heart to see your kids singing away having so much fun!

It's these moments, that I  just sit and watch and know that they are mine and God gave me these kids.
They rock my world and moments can be tough and draining, but I  am a mom, their mom.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Do not bend

Do you feel bent over with burden, worry, stress tiredness? There are so many other things that could make you feel you will just bend. I know I do and some days, I feel like I will just snap!

 I Was not familiar with the story of the bent woman. The story is in Isaiah 58:6-14
And Luke 13:110-17.
 The bent over women was a woman who came to worship in a synagogue for 18 years. 
This woman was bent over . She had a twisted and sore back. No pain meds to take.  She could barely see anything except the ground beneath her. Just plain  walking hurt her. 
Even though she came to sabbeth for over 18 years , no one knew her name, no one greeted her. She strayed away from others.
 The condition she had was considered a punishment from God, work of the devil.

One day she was in sabbeth and God spoke to her . Took her pain away and her bent back went straight. How Awsome would that be. She finally recieved the name daughter of Abraham.

When I was reading  the story , I thought about real life. The burdens we feel, the point of almost breaking in half. The stress of jobs, kids, sickness. LIFE!!
 We cannot forget our faith and Jesus . We can give all our burdens to him, he can release them from us. 
Whatever your situation, God is there, calling you into his kingdom, release your burdens to him. 
As I was researching this story, I found this poem.

 By Anna Murdock

Oh woman, dear nameless woman, how your heart must long

to look into the eyes of others once more;

to seek hope and acceptance and love. But alas, you cannot, can you? Your head cannot be lifted.
For whatever reasons, it is bent low. You see only the dust of the streets
and the feet of those who 
 he dust of the streets
and the feet of those who step over you and around you and on you.
Oh woman, dear bent-low woman, God has brought you to this place ...
to this synagogue ... to this person who is teaching freedom from bondage.
On this day ... yes, on this very Sabbath day you will be set free
and will stand tall once more.
He has called you ... not by name, but “Woman”. Even before his touch,

even before you might stand tall, he proclaims that those things that had kept your head low and your back so bent

be gone forever.

Did you hear his words, dear woman? 

When women notice you and they tell you to keep going, fighting, don't bend, it's a reminder to all to be that kind of person . Don't bend. Hold true to what you know the truth is. Fight off the enemy, do not let him take away you or your freedom. Keep the gospel close.

Monday, March 16, 2015

A minty Shamrock shake

Since St. Patrick's day is Tuesday, I thought I would share this green yummy minty treat.

If you like mint, you are going to love this!
It is so easy and quick to make.

 Things you need:
2 cups peppermint ice cream (or mint chocolate chip)
1 cup Milk
1/2 cup of Mint Milano cookies(crumpled)

Using a blender mix all ingredients together .
Pour into mug, layering every 1/2 cup with Milano cookies. 
garnish with cookie and enjoy! 

This was so good and tasty. Perfect for a St. Patrick's day treat.


Thursday, March 12, 2015


Procrastion is something I struggle with. I am surprised at myself because I am a planner and I always want things done right away. 
When we moved , I started packing early and then when we got to our new house I unpacked right away. Things like that I never wait ... But There are a few things, that I just do not want to do and I keep holding off. 

5 things I procrastinate on.

1) Deep cleaning. I do not know about you, but deep cleaning is daunting to me. It is the scrubbing of the blinds, the baseboards(scrubbing them,) getting deep behind the toilets.... I have to stop, I feel my blood pressure rising just typing it.

2)cleaning out my refridgerator. Like cleaning all the food, taking out the shelves , wiping them down, etc... I know it has to be done. But....

3) cleaning out,errrr... Organizing  the "junk drawer" . Random things that gather, try to find homes for everything.

4) organizing all my spices and baking products. I have tried to organize it before , and it lasted for awhile, then I went to my old way of just putting them wherever. 

5) decluttering my basement. The area where I work is good, but when the curtains that hide it all open.... It's scary. It's all my teacher resources, art supplies, toys I rotate out and other things. 

My reason for these top 5 is.. What's the rush? No one sees them, but the people who live here. 

Now if a guest ever looks in them... We have trouble. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Signs of spring

I love spring. The crisp mornings,the warm afternoons.
The days are longer.
March is a good month. It's not hot yet, but warm enough to rejoice because it's getting warmer.

Walking to the bus stop is one of my favorite things to do when it is warm. It is a chance for Kaelis and I to chat and hold hands and just enjoy before brother and sister get home from school.
We also get to see neighbors that have been in hiding in the cold dark winter.
I have goals set for March. Some big ones, some tiny, but I promised myself that I will  get  them done. March leaves only 3 months left of the school year and then the pool it is.

March is just good. It's like a Wednesday, it's like hump month. In between 2 seasons, but not quiet the best yet. 


Parenting is one of the joyous things on earth, yet it can be so unprepared,so hard and so exhausting. On days when everything goes smooth and everybody is getting along, it rocks my world.
On days nothing goes right, no one is getting along,so unprepared, it makes me want to go into a little hole. .
I pray for strength and peace everyday. I pray that I will survive the day and not get uptight or impatient.

Life is a learning process and I need to teach life lessons,but I question if I am prepared to teach those life lessons, when I still need teaching myself.

When everything is calm and the day has been filled with memories , I sit all cuddled with my 3 loves and embrace the moments I have left with them. I soak in every little look and cuddle they give me.
One day it will be gone.
I will make it another day,just need a little encouragement. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

My current and future reading list

I have never been a big reader and never wanted to find the time to do it. I honestly  never understood what people saw in reading. 
A few years ago I decided that I needed to jump on the saddle with everybody and Read. 
I will tell you that it is pretty liberating to sink my soul into a good Christian book. I had no idea there were so many books to choose from.

With spring just around corner (I think and hope) I look forward to the lazy dog days of summer and getting through my list of books.

I  am currently reading  this book.
I am not far into it, but I  am sure it is awsome. The synopsis is God is calling you to do something greater than good.
Boom!!!  Kristin Schumcker is doing an online bible study via Instagram with this book. I look forward to learning more about doing something greater than good and what Gods plan is with that. I encourage you to follow her on Instagram and her blog. She is truly an inspiration.
I have read this book.
I have always like Lysa Terkeurst and after reading her book, I like her even more. This book is not necessarily about saying yes, it's about saying no.   Not getting overwhelmed,making decisions that will impact the rest of your life.
It sure was a life changer for me. I highly recommend it. I would love to the bible study at some point.

These are the books I want to read this summer. There are so many more, but these are on the top of my list. Have you ever noticed that when you search for a book, a 1000 more come up and they are sound great?

I wonder if the whole summer will be enough time?

What books are on your list?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Candy and the cankersaurs book review

I had a chance to read Candy and the Cankersaurs ebook by Jason Sandburg. I would say the ages are older 3 to 5.
This book was about a girl who tried to have a pet dinosaur and the number one rule was no biting. Candy  tried to play games with Cankersaur, but Candy soon realized it was hard to play games with a dinosaur. 
It was a really cute story and for the most part easy to understand . There were a couple words I changed just because I did not think 1) the kids would understand and 2) it was a word I would normally not have them say. 
The girls sat for the whole book (35 pages) and asked me to read it again. 
 It was also fun for the girls to turn the pages on the iPad. We all know kids are experts with technology. 
Overall the book was cute and simple.

 I think Ebooks are great because if we are waiting in the doctors room forever, I can pull out the iPad or my phone and read a book to my child or for myself for hours (at least it seems like that long.) Ebooks are not only good for that, but in the car, grocery store... Wherever you can have a mobile device. It's better than lugging around a book everywhere you go. 
 Ebooks are becoming more of the way to go and the library is becoming less of the way, in my opinion.

Jason wants to give away 10 copies to 10 lucky readers . Clink in the link to enter.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Laundry schedule

Laundry can be a evil thing and can overwhelm a person quickly. It has me.
I decided to break down my laundry into days, vs, all in one day.

I thought I would share why I choose to do laundry everyday. 
 I separate the days into colors. I do the kids clothes on these days.
  Monday= white 
  Wednesday = dark
Friday's  lights
Saturday's = sheets and towels
I do it this way because it seems like I am   Keeping up with it and I do not have 10 loads of Laundry to do.

Tuesday and Thursday's = my clothes 
I also break the loads up white and darks

Ryan does his own clothes on Sundays and that helps keep down the Mountain of clothes that may pile up.

The schedule I posted above could vary. I could have no laundry on Monday because I caught up on Saturday, but most of the time there is a load to be done. If we have a busy week it may not get finished on the day it is suppose to. Don't sweat it, it will get done eventually. 
I try to keep sunday laundry free. I prefer to not spend my last day of the weekend  with laundry. 

Get the kids involved! My kids put their clothes away, even my 4 year old. Now, it may not be perfect, but it's finished and one less thing I have to worry about. 

This schedule is what works best for me and keeps me caught up, but doing a load every week may be the best for you or the only solution. 
A little tip for all those working moms like me, is I put a load in before I go to bed and set the time for 4/5 am (if that is an option for you) and then I will put in the dryer when I get up and fold in the evening. 
I know laundry is  the worst thing ever to do, but we need clean clothes right? Hopefully you find a system that works best for you. I would love to hear about it.