Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Candy and the cankersaurs book review

I had a chance to read Candy and the Cankersaurs ebook by Jason Sandburg. I would say the ages are older 3 to 5.
This book was about a girl who tried to have a pet dinosaur and the number one rule was no biting. Candy  tried to play games with Cankersaur, but Candy soon realized it was hard to play games with a dinosaur. 
It was a really cute story and for the most part easy to understand . There were a couple words I changed just because I did not think 1) the kids would understand and 2) it was a word I would normally not have them say. 
The girls sat for the whole book (35 pages) and asked me to read it again. 
 It was also fun for the girls to turn the pages on the iPad. We all know kids are experts with technology. 
Overall the book was cute and simple.

 I think Ebooks are great because if we are waiting in the doctors room forever, I can pull out the iPad or my phone and read a book to my child or for myself for hours (at least it seems like that long.) Ebooks are not only good for that, but in the car, grocery store... Wherever you can have a mobile device. It's better than lugging around a book everywhere you go. 
 Ebooks are becoming more of the way to go and the library is becoming less of the way, in my opinion.

Jason wants to give away 10 copies to 10 lucky readers . Clink in the link to enter.

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