Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Do not bend

Do you feel bent over with burden, worry, stress tiredness? There are so many other things that could make you feel you will just bend. I know I do and some days, I feel like I will just snap!

 I Was not familiar with the story of the bent woman. The story is in Isaiah 58:6-14
And Luke 13:110-17.
 The bent over women was a woman who came to worship in a synagogue for 18 years. 
This woman was bent over . She had a twisted and sore back. No pain meds to take.  She could barely see anything except the ground beneath her. Just plain  walking hurt her. 
Even though she came to sabbeth for over 18 years , no one knew her name, no one greeted her. She strayed away from others.
 The condition she had was considered a punishment from God, work of the devil.

One day she was in sabbeth and God spoke to her . Took her pain away and her bent back went straight. How Awsome would that be. She finally recieved the name daughter of Abraham.

When I was reading  the story , I thought about real life. The burdens we feel, the point of almost breaking in half. The stress of jobs, kids, sickness. LIFE!!
 We cannot forget our faith and Jesus . We can give all our burdens to him, he can release them from us. 
Whatever your situation, God is there, calling you into his kingdom, release your burdens to him. 
As I was researching this story, I found this poem.

 By Anna Murdock

Oh woman, dear nameless woman, how your heart must long

to look into the eyes of others once more;

to seek hope and acceptance and love. But alas, you cannot, can you? Your head cannot be lifted.
For whatever reasons, it is bent low. You see only the dust of the streets
and the feet of those who 
 he dust of the streets
and the feet of those who step over you and around you and on you.
Oh woman, dear bent-low woman, God has brought you to this place ...
to this synagogue ... to this person who is teaching freedom from bondage.
On this day ... yes, on this very Sabbath day you will be set free
and will stand tall once more.
He has called you ... not by name, but “Woman”. Even before his touch,

even before you might stand tall, he proclaims that those things that had kept your head low and your back so bent

be gone forever.

Did you hear his words, dear woman? 

When women notice you and they tell you to keep going, fighting, don't bend, it's a reminder to all to be that kind of person . Don't bend. Hold true to what you know the truth is. Fight off the enemy, do not let him take away you or your freedom. Keep the gospel close.

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