Thursday, March 5, 2015

My current and future reading list

I have never been a big reader and never wanted to find the time to do it. I honestly  never understood what people saw in reading. 
A few years ago I decided that I needed to jump on the saddle with everybody and Read. 
I will tell you that it is pretty liberating to sink my soul into a good Christian book. I had no idea there were so many books to choose from.

With spring just around corner (I think and hope) I look forward to the lazy dog days of summer and getting through my list of books.

I  am currently reading  this book.
I am not far into it, but I  am sure it is awsome. The synopsis is God is calling you to do something greater than good.
Boom!!!  Kristin Schumcker is doing an online bible study via Instagram with this book. I look forward to learning more about doing something greater than good and what Gods plan is with that. I encourage you to follow her on Instagram and her blog. She is truly an inspiration.
I have read this book.
I have always like Lysa Terkeurst and after reading her book, I like her even more. This book is not necessarily about saying yes, it's about saying no.   Not getting overwhelmed,making decisions that will impact the rest of your life.
It sure was a life changer for me. I highly recommend it. I would love to the bible study at some point.

These are the books I want to read this summer. There are so many more, but these are on the top of my list. Have you ever noticed that when you search for a book, a 1000 more come up and they are sound great?

I wonder if the whole summer will be enough time?

What books are on your list?

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Liz said...

My sis in law read "the best yes" and really enjoyed it. she is naturally a "yes" gal, so it gave her confidence to say "no" more often.