Friday, March 20, 2015

My top 5 peices of clothing for spring

Since spring is so moody as far as temperature goes , I like to layer. It can be so cold in the morning, but then really warm by afternoon.
I have a few favorite peices that are a must in my wardrobe.

1+  chambry shirt . This shirt is so versatile. I can button it. Layer it with a tanktop or under a sweater or cardigan(another favorite of mine) and leave it open, Tuck it in. He best part is it will go with any color bottoms.  My favorite way to wear it is wih a pair of colored shorts. 

2+  I adore colored shorts. They just add a splash of color to any shirt or outfit. 

3+        Boyfriend jeans are the bomb. I love how they are baggy. I do not have to worry about how my bootie looks because it's baggy in the back. They feel so much better than regular jeans. I can wear them with short boots when it is cold. Flipflops or flats when it is warmer. I love everything about them.

4+  I wear tank tops almost under everything for 2 reasons, warmth in the cold months and length. I rarely tuck shirts in and the tank top  covers my belly  with other shirts and I like the layered look. I will tell you, that a lot of the girls/ women's  tank tops are just to fitted for me. The long ones are the perfect length, but just to tiny for me, so what department do I go to? The boys/ men's department. I usually get a small or extra small. The boys/men's are a looser fit and still have the length. Hanes are good ones. 
You can usually get 3 in a pack for cheap.


I added a bonus because I could not decide.
I love a good pair of canvas shoes or slip on shoes, now don't get me wrong, flip flops are a must, but my feet need a little more support. If I know I will be walking A lot, I will wear a more supportive shoe. I love converse shoes and go walk from sketchers. They are so comfortable. If you follow mix and match momma, she  will tell you how much she loves her go walks in hot pink. I like gray... They go with most things.
Well those are 5 of my favorite peices of clothing, but I have many more I cannot live without.

What are some of your favorites/must haves?

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