Thursday, March 12, 2015


Procrastion is something I struggle with. I am surprised at myself because I am a planner and I always want things done right away. 
When we moved , I started packing early and then when we got to our new house I unpacked right away. Things like that I never wait ... But There are a few things, that I just do not want to do and I keep holding off. 

5 things I procrastinate on.

1) Deep cleaning. I do not know about you, but deep cleaning is daunting to me. It is the scrubbing of the blinds, the baseboards(scrubbing them,) getting deep behind the toilets.... I have to stop, I feel my blood pressure rising just typing it.

2)cleaning out my refridgerator. Like cleaning all the food, taking out the shelves , wiping them down, etc... I know it has to be done. But....

3) cleaning out,errrr... Organizing  the "junk drawer" . Random things that gather, try to find homes for everything.

4) organizing all my spices and baking products. I have tried to organize it before , and it lasted for awhile, then I went to my old way of just putting them wherever. 

5) decluttering my basement. The area where I work is good, but when the curtains that hide it all open.... It's scary. It's all my teacher resources, art supplies, toys I rotate out and other things. 

My reason for these top 5 is.. What's the rush? No one sees them, but the people who live here. 

Now if a guest ever looks in them... We have trouble. 

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