Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Am workout vs. pm workout

Working out is a big part of my day, however finding the right time of the day can be the tricky part.  I work out in the early morning and here are my reasons.

Why Do morning workouts work for me? 

1+  I get up every morning about 4:45 and get to it. Yes, it is really early and yes, it takes a bit for me to wake up, but it's the right time that works for my husband and I.
 I work fulltime from home and my day starts 7 and ends at 4. With 3 children involved in something at night, I have no time to even think about working out. 

2+ working out in the am gives me the energy to go full force during the day.

3+ I like burning calories in the morning. Sometimes I like to sneak a little treat , so knowing I burned calories makes it easier to enjoy the bite. 

4+ after a long day of work and kids getting  home from school and dinner and activities, I have no desire to get a workout in, so knowing it is already finished is relief.

5+ my workouts are also a time of devotion for me. I pray when I work out and just endure the peacefulness and blessings around me.  I have a couple devotion apps on my phone, so I read those while working out and reflect on them.

 This is what works best for me in the season of life I am in right now .  In the years to follow it may change.

I would love to hear if you have a workout routine. 

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