Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gods creations + faith

I had another post planned, but it was on my heart to write this. Nothing fancy, just something we did as a family.

This week my kids are on spring break and we were lucky enough to have Ryan home with us this week.
 We have been talking a lot to the kids  about Genesis and how God made everything and we would have not earth if it was not for creation day.
Today was a Genesis day. We went to a nature center that is close to our house. 
We walked up the trails, listening to the birds whistle, the leaves blow.
As I was watching the kids walk and look around, I was thinking on how dependent they are on us and how they trust us and learn from us, so I need to 
be more dependent on God, my faith
 I want to learn from my children , who are so dependent on us.   I want to be more like Jesus, I want I live through him, just as our kids live through us.

There was one moment where a cardnial was just sitting in the woods and we just stopped and embraced the moment . How cool is that to see a bird in the midst  of nature. 
A squirrel was eating a walnut and then took it back to his nest. Again, creation . How can we thank Jesus for what he created.

I love my 3 creations that  God gave me. I want to be the parent they depend on and I want to be the child of God who  depends on Jesus for everything.

I want to see Jesus like a child see's their Parents. 

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