Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Our calling as moms

As moms we have a calling. We are called to pray for our children;to pray that our kids will want to obey the voice of Christ on their own.
When we pray , we ask the Holy Spirit to draw each child to the lord, giving him the desire to be his obedient child. Christ like.
As powerful as our words are and as persuasive as we are,we as moms do not have the power to change our children's heart to follow Christ... This is why we pray for them right? Only GOD changes hearts.

Our job or calling as a mom is to be Christ like and follow Christ, but sometimes it can be an impossible job and challenging.
 We can be filled with courage, with God's ability.

God doesn't call the equipped,but equips those he calls."
We can keep going with confidence and give praise and glory to him.

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