Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Super heros

We all know those moms that by 8:00 am they are dressed in nice outfits,makeup on, ready for the day. No bags under eyes, perky. Kids are well behaved. 
 There cars are crumb free, the kids are always put together. There house is clean , I mean no crumbs on the floor left over from breakfast, door handles not sticky, no scuff marks on the baseboards, no pee on the floor... Anyway get my drift?  That is not reality, that is a fantasy to me. 
 I know that I am pretty good mom. I do loads of laundry, make sure everybody has their favorite breakfast because we all know as soon as you cook the same thing for everyone, they will not want it.

My house may have some clutter and tiny toys in the corners, that I see everytime I walk in the room, but ignore. I may have more crumbs than I probably should on the counter. The dishwasher needs to be run ,  and spilled frozen corn spilled in the door of the freezer and I have no idea how long ago that happened.
 Being a super hero mom is being a kid , just like your kids. Have fun and enjoy the time. Believe me, it took me a long awhile to embrace this part of motherhood. Letting go of the things that don't really matter, but hugging the moments and things that do.

What I am saying is , the mom I described in the beginning, doesn't exist. If they do than they have a maid or nanny or help of some kind of help. 
We are imperfect and dishelved and that to me is a super hero mom.
We cannot do it all and if help comes along, take it, embrace the break. Ask for help, we are superheroes, not super moms who can do it all.

So let go of the mom you think you should be or want to be and be the mom
You know you are and be the superheroes our kids know we are. It does not matter to them about anything I listed above, but that you embrace them with your arms wide open and always know you are and will be their forever super hero.

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