Friday, May 22, 2015

Teacher gifts

I have taken a little tiny break from blogging. The stomach bug got our  house and we were down for the count and I had to finish the school year teaching. It got really rough and crazy for the last couple weeks.
 Now it is summer break and I can be lazy. Yay for lazy days of summer.

One of the posts I had in planned was to post the teacher gifts I gave the teachers at the end of the year.
I always try to do something simple, but meaningful.

 I always try to give books that describes the teacher or teaching in general. Books to me are the best gift. They can used year after year. I have the kids write a note in it and then I always add one as well. We sign are name and date it. 
I remember teaching and getting books with a note inside and I to this day, still use the books and remember who gave it to me.

I gave this book to the elementary teachers. It is about a class describing how unique each teacher is. 
I asked the kids in word to describe their teacher and that was he word we wrote in the page.

The preschool teachers got Mrs. Spitzers Garden.  The teacher in the book has a classroom of plants. She waters them everyday and makes sure they are growing . At the end of the book, the flowers have grown into beautiful plants, just like preschoolers blossom towards the end of the year. 
The kids love giving them and the teachers love receiving them. It's a win , win.

Hope everybody is enjoying your summer so far.

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