Monday, June 1, 2015

Freedom Covenent Church

On Sunday, our small group had the opportunity to serve breakfast to the homeless and then attend their church service.

 I will tell you that is the most humble experience. In the society today, everything is about more. We always want more and to be honest, I have thought at times I want more.
 You know what though? We do have more. We have jobs and food to feed our hungry mouths. Beds to keep us comfy and warm, showers to keep us clean, clothes to choose from. What else do we need? The only thing we could use more of is Jesus.
 It was a great experience for the kids to see and know that this breakfast may be the only meal they get for a day or even for a week. Some live in boxes or tents or wherever they can find a place to eat .
 We are so blessed beyond measure.

 One of the light all moments that I took away from the church service is , we should never feel bad about the blessings we have , because they are blessings from God.

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