Saturday, July 25, 2015

Letting go

We hello! I am hopefully back after taking sometime off. I had to focus on the summer and enjoying the time I had with my 3 amazing children.

Sometimes life can be full of joy and contentment, other times it can be filled with fear, anger and the unknowing. 
On Monday July 6th, our life got scary. My husband came home at a little later time than usual , but I just figured he had to work later, but then I look into his eyes and know that this was not a typical Monday. 
 The words, "I lost my job today" were said and I,at first was in denial and did not think it really happened, BUT it did.
 The tears began to flow and the worry of everything set in.
 We both knew this was a blessing because he was so unhappy, but we wanted to have control and have a job in place. Sometimes God has to push you out the door and get the ball rolling. 
 Through this process, Ryan and I are learning that we have to LET GO and trust God. His plans are much bigger and better than the plans we have for us, but the waiting is painful. The bills will start piling up and numbers will have to be scrunched tight. 
God has blessed us with a job I can work from home and not worry about childcare and can still pay some things with my income, but it is trusting that it will be enough. 

I (we) know the God will provide and not sure when or with what, but we need to just TRUST and know that GOD is in control and we will rest in that.
I just ask for prayers that a job comes soon so we do not have to get to the struggle point and not have to move , which we really want to advoid.
I found this binder on my daughters desk and teared up. How sweet is this. 

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