Wednesday, February 10, 2016

In this season

The past 6-7 months have been a life changer for my family. Last July my husband lost his job  and as much as we knew god was in control, it was very hard to let go and rest in him. Ryan was very unhappy with his past employer and wanted a change, but this is not the change we wanted. We wanted to be in control. We soon came to realize that we are not suppose to be in control, God is.

In that season of life....
- we experienced job loss
- we watched our kids cry every night because they were not sure if we going to have to move, if we had money for birthdays that were coming up.
-We felt heart break
-Ryan and I got closer to each other and to God
- We experienced the kindness from friends and family

We were involved in a church plant during that time and we knew that is what we needed to be doing and felt peace about it. We also knew we had to step away from it and focus on the family and concentrate on the future.
It was such a hard step for us to take, but we knew it was the way it needed to be.
As life is an adventure, we must enjoy the ride no matter where it takes us.
The ride on the bumpy road was not as long as we thought it was going to be.

In August our prayers were answered and Ryan accepted a management job at Ford motor company.
We praised and thanked God so many times and knew this is where he needs to be. we did not understand why, but again, we are not in control.
Ford was shift work and it was very different than what we were accustomed to.
Night shift was so hard and being a single mom for 3 months was exhausting.

We have made it through night shift and now enjoying daddy/husband being home at night.

 In this season...
-We have an income
-We experienced a job hire
-We watch our children being joyful
-We feel peace
-We are still closer with each other and 
- we are able to join the church plant family 

Every thing in life is a season and some are better than others, but we could have not done it without the Lord!!
Life is an adventure, enjoy the ride

At this moment I am...
-  preparing to be a pastors wife
-enjoying my husband being joyful
-supporting my husband as he goes to seminary
-enjoying the adventure
-finding joy in everything

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Kylie Paulsen said...

We are so glad God called you back to our church plant! He is pretty incredible :)